How to Withdraw Money Without an ATM Card

How to Withdraw Money Without an ATM Card

What happens when you find yourself in need of cash, but without your ATM card? If you are unfortunate enough to have your debit card stolen, you lose your card or simply forget to bring it with you, and you need cash, there are a couple of ways to solve the problem so you can get the money you need.

Ask the Teller for Help

Go inside the bank and explain to the teller that you do not have your ATM card on hand. The teller has the ability to look up your account information, and may ask for your state-issued driver’s license or ID card according to bank policy. You will need to fill out a withdrawal slip with your account number, which the teller can provide if you don't know it, the amount of money you need and your signature. The teller can then withdraw the money from your account and complete the transaction.

Write a Check to Yourself

If you have your checkbook, writing a check made out to cash will get you cash without an ATM card. Give your check to the bank teller or to a cashier at a local retailer and receive your funds in return. The safest bet is to present the check at your bank, as the check will be readily accepted. When visiting a retail store or bank where you do not have accounts, call ahead to see if they will accept a check from you made payable to cash. A check made out to cash is not secure. This means, the check gets lost, the finder can receive the money unless you stop payment on the check first. Because of that risk, do not write out the check until arriving at the bank or retailer.

Access Your Emergency Cash Service

Some banks offer a convenient emergency cash service. To use this benefit, contact your bank and report your card lost or stolen. You will be given an emergency code number to key into the ATM, enabling you to withdraw cash without using a card. Use this service only if your card is truly lost or stolen as your ATM card will be deactivated, forcing you to apply for a new card and wait for its arrival.

Use a Smartphone

A mobile cash withdrawal feature for your smartphone eliminates the need for an ATM card. To get this feature, you’ll need to first register with your bank. The registration can be done at the bank branch or through the bank’s Internet banking service. Once registered, download the mobile banking app to your smartphone. The app allows you to set up a withdrawal and then it electronically transmits a 2D bar code to your smartphone. Upon arrival at the ATM, scan the bar code for authorization to withdraw cash from your account.