Types of ATM Cards

More people use plastic to pay for items than cash. There are many different types of cards used to make purchases or withdraw money and many people don’t think about the differences. There are significant differences between ATM, debit and credit cards. There are several different types of cards that fall under the category of an ATM card.


Your basic ATM card only has a few uses. It can be used at any ATM machine for the bank that issued it and sometimes at other banks for a fee. You can use your ATM card to withdraw and deposit money, check your account balance and transfer funds. Some ATM cards also have a few more uses like paying loans and getting cash advances, however ATM cards cannot be used to make purchases.

Debit Card

An ATM debit card has all the features of a regular ATM card with the added features of a debit card. This card can be used to make purchases at any store or online. Typically they will have a credit card logo on them, although they do not work the same way as credit cards. Every time and ATM debit card is used, money is taken out of the checking account it is linked to.

ATM Credit Cards

A new type of debit card is available at some banks. This type of card has all the features of the ATM debit card plus the features of a credit card. This card is not only attached to a checking account, but also to a line of credit. This means that if the person overdrafts on their account they will not incur any fees and will instead have money taken out of their credit line to be paid back with interest when funds are made available.


There are many banks that offer ATM and ATM debit cards that can also be used as a form of picture ID. You can pay a small fee to have your picture put on your card as an added form of security. If your card is lost or stolen no one else will be able to use it. Not all banks offer this card, but they are becoming more common.


Besides the added features to an ATM card, there are also options to change the appearance of card. Most banks have a number of images you can choose from to have as the background of your card. Some banks also give you the option of customizing your card. You can pick the image or images you want to be in the background and they will create a card for you with the image(s) you selected.