Pocket Sense is the ultimate guide to managing your money. Personal finance – with all its confusing forms, situation-specific information, and anxiety-inducing processes – can be one of the most overwhelming parts of growing up. It’s our goal to make it simple, with expert information on how to decode your taxes, keep track of spending and stay financially responsible.

And don’t worry, we understand that personal finance runs a wide spectrum: Whether you’re just looking to get some basic tips on saving or you need specific answers on financing a home or planning for retirement, we’ve got you.

We’re here to provide relevant information for every financial situation and set you on the path toward financial stability.


Like a good friend who works as an accountant, Pocket Sense has all the tools and tricks for helping you stay on top of your budget. Always approachable and patient, we’re here to answer questions and help you make sense of your money, alleviating any stress or anxiety along the way.

We want to be an ally, someone who’s truly invested in your financial future.



Ashley Donohoe

Ashley Donohoe earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Western Governors University and completed an additional diploma course in accounting. Having run her own business for eight years, she has expertise in taxation, financial management, accounting practices and investments. In addition to being a personal investor, she has written business, taxation and finance content since 2011. Places featuring her business writing include JobHero, LoveToKnow, Bizfluent, Chron and Study.com.

Ryan Cockerham

Ryan Cockerham is a nationally recognized financial and business expert. With a financial certification from Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI), London, Cockerham is well-versed in taxation law, investment strategy and personal finance. Cockerham has worked with the business, nonprofit and political community for over 10 years as a consultant and regular contributor.

Alicia Bodine

Alicia Bodine, a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, is a New Jersey-based writer and financial expert. With more than 13 years of experience, she has worked for and consulted with sites like LendingTree, GoBankingRates, Sapling, Zacks and Pocket Sense.

John Csiszar

John Csiszar served as a financial adviser for over 18 years, both for a global wirehouse and at his own investment advisory firm, earning a Certified Financial Planner designation along the way. He now works as a writing and editing contractor for private clients, with thousands of online articles to his credit, along with five educational books written for young adults.

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