How to Find A Recycling Center Near Your Area

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Recycling is fun, and it can be easy too. If you take the time to find the nearest, or most profitable recycling center, the prices paid make the research worth the effort. By choosing the one that suites you best, recycling becomes something that gets incorporated into your daily routine. Here is several ways to go about finding a local recycling center near you, so that helping the environment can become an easy, everyday part of life.

Check your local community bulletin, or local center to find out if there is any programs that take the recyclables. Perhaps you wish to donate them, and they may know of a program that collects recyclables for a good cause.

Look in a business directory catalog. The yellow, or white pages will have recycling center phone numbers listed that can be referenced in order to find the recycling location closest to you. Be sure to call ahead on this one, as the pages are not always as up-to-date as other options.

Search the internet for local recycling centers. Simply by google-ing things like "recycling center near [your location]" will bring up local recycling programs, and return centers.

If all else fails, there may be someone in your neighborhood that could tell you where the best one is at. Neighbors can be there to help, and perhaps even there is a person who does it regularly who could point you in the right direction to finding the redemption centers that pay the highest returns.


  • Some places pay full redemption return value, check to see the price differences between centers. Don't forget to ask a neighbor, they may know too. Make it a game for young children, and they can develop healthy habits for life


  • Empty out all liquid from recyclables, because centers will deduct a percentage of the entire weight if moisture is found, and they are more then willing to cut your profits by claiming water weight.

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