How to Pay for Law School

You did it! You have been accepted to law school. But the stress is just beginning. Finding the funds to pay for law school is a burdensome and often overwhelming task. Therefore, it is recommended to gather as much financial information as you can to help you make intelligent decisions about how you will pay for your graduate education. Follow these simple steps to ensure you exhaust the funding options available to you.

Research the cost of the law school you wish to attend. Include both tuition and anticipated book expenditures.

Research the cost of living for the area in which you will live while attending law school.

Review your current finances and determine how much you can comfortably contribute to fund your law school education.

Prepare a reasonable budget that takes into account the figures you obtained in steps 1 through 3.

Apply for scholarships or grants to aid your law school funding.

Ask your law school about federal work-study programs that enable you to work part-time to help finance your education.

Consider federal and private student loans to aid in the financial burden of attending law school.


  • Changes to financial aid rules are ongoing; therefore, you must stay informed of the regulations when applying for funding.


  • Most law students fund their law school education with student loans. Access Group is the primary graduate school loan provider.
  • The law schools to which you apply determine the amount of funding available to you. In other words, your financial aid is relative to the cost of the school.
  • is a terrific resource with a large database of scholarship information. Simply input information about your accomplishments and discover a world of financial opportunities.
  • Both merit-based and need-based scholarships may be available from your law school. Contact your law school directly to determine their deadlines and eligibility requirements.

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