How to Get Rid of Your Cable Bill and Save Money


Anyone with cable knows how expensive it can be. Now, with television and movie databases and mail in rentals, removing that monthly cable bill is possible. Cancel your cable and replace it with these alternatives. You'll find yourself watching less television, adding time to your day and money to your wallet!

Order Netflix. Premium movie channels add up, making the cost of cable even pricier. Netflix is an inexpensive alternative to cable. Both movies and shows are available both on DVDs received through the mail or through their online database.

Roku. Not to sound like a Netflix ad, but I've had only good experiences. This small player is an inexpensive, one time purchase and allows you to watch instant online movies and shows on your television. Just plug it in and they will stream from your Netflix internet account to your TV.

Online viewing. With the age of the internet in full swing, it's possible to catch all your favorite shows online. Major networks post their popular shows online, allowing you to watch for free with limited commercials. No cable needed! is a popular, free website database of shows and movies. A great alternative to cable!


  • While you watch shows and movies with these alternatives, you'll watch the savings add up. I've personally canceled cable and taken these actions. Voila, no more cable bill!


  • Don't let programs like Netflix add up either, get the cheaper package. One DVD at a time and unlimited instant online viewing.

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