How to Make Checks Out to Cash

by Kathryn Hatter
A check can get you cash from your checking account.

The money you keep in your checking account is typically accessible by writing checks or using a debit card. If you need cash, you have several options to get it. Although a debit card or an ATM card are common methods of accessing your funds, another method can also work, if you’re careful. Write a check out to “cash” and present it to your bank to receive the amount of money indicated on the check.

Enter the current date in the “date” field of the check.

Write “Cash” on the top “Pay to the Order of” line of the check.

Fill in the numerical value of the amount of cash you wish to receive in the appropriate field. Write the dollar amount in words on the line beneath the “Pay to the Order of” line. Begin each of these entries at the far left of the line and fill in any empty space to the right of your numbers or words with a horizontal line to strike out the empty space. Entering the dollar amounts carefully and adding the horizontal line prevents fraud because a criminal cannot add numbers or words to either line.

Sign the check with your signature.

Add a memo on the memo line to record a note to yourself about the check, if you desire.

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