How to Win a Home Makeover

How to Win a Home Makeover
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Home makeover shows have become increasingly common on television. If you have the slightest interest in decorating or renovation, you’ve probably watched one of these shows. Some makeover shows are simply about the project at hand, while others are more dramatic -- in these, a makeover crew may “invade” a family’s home and renovate it while the family is on vacation. If you’re interested in winning a free home makeover, regardless of whether you want to be on television, you need to know where to look.

Take a comprehensive number of photos of the room you wish to have renovated, or even of your home itself. Ensure your photos have adequate lighting and are in focus, so that whoever is reviewing them will be able to easily see them. The photos should explain why you are hoping to win a home makeover. In other words, they should demonstrate your lack of skill as a designer or decorator.

Watch as many home makeover shows as possible. These shows can include "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "While You Were Out." Television networks that often air this genre of show include ABC, Home and Garden TV, The Learning Channel and the DIY Network. When you watch these shows, pay special attention to the information contained in the credits. If you use a personal video recorder, you may wish to record the show to ensure you have time to read the credits. The credits often include information on how to apply for a home makeover.

Send a selection of the photos you’ve taken, as well as a write-up about why you hope to win a home makeover, to the contact address in the show’s credits. Make your write-up as clear and concise as possible, and use the photos as evidence.

Visit home improvement stores in your town. Many of these stories, including Home Depot and Lowe’s, often advertise home makeover or renovation contests. These contests may be sponsored by the store itself or by a brand that is sold in the store. Depending on the specifics of the contest, you’ll need to fill out an entry form explaining why you would benefit from a home makeover, as well as provide photos.

Enter as many contests as possible. Because many other people will also be entering these contests, your chances of winning are slim. Give yourself the best chance of success by providing a quality entry (write-up and photos) and entering as many contests as you can find.