How to Buy a Dell Laptop Regardless of Credit

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Bad credit or lack of credit can keep you from purchasing a lot of things, but a Dell laptop doesn't have to be one of them. To get a Dell regardless of credit, try layaway plans, rent-to-own payment plans or online personal loans. You may end up paying a little more for the laptop than if you had bought it outright with cash because of interest rates and upfront deposit fees, but having your own Dell laptop is the payoff.

Put a Dell laptop on layaway. Layaway plans let you make small payments that add up to the full price of the laptop. Normally, stores will put an item on layaway if you just put a small deposit down on the item. No credit check is required, but if you don't end up buying the laptop, you will lose your initial deposit. Call stores that sell computers, such as Sears or K-Mart, and ask if they have a layaway program.

Try a rent-to-own store, such as Rent-A-Center, Color Tyme or Bestway Rent to Own. These companies will let you make payments on the laptop until you have paid for it in full. However, the laptops will most likely be used computers. Call the company and ask for a Dell laptop rental. Rent-to-own companies don't require credit checks, and payments are often small enough for you to afford them.

Get financing from a loan company that doesn't do credit checks. Websites such as Personal Money Store or Choice Personal loans offer loan approvals without checking credit history. Instead of paying the loan back on your payday, you can set up a payment plan with the loan company. Go to the personal loan website and apply for a small loan.


  • Loans that are easy to qualify for usually charge higher interest rates. Shop around to find and compare different interest rates before choosing a loan company.