Student Grants for Laptops

Students often need supplies that their school does not provide, such as laptops. In many college courses, these computers are necessary for doing research and assignments. If you can't afford a laptop, applying for a grant may be the answer.

Consider a Grant

Free money in the form of grants is available from the state and federal government and private organizations. Those awarded money don't have to repay it if the grant is used appropriately.

Are Grants Available for Laptops?

While grants may not be given specifically for a laptop purchase, they are awarded to students for school expenses, including the cost of a computer.

What Grants Are Available?

The Pell Grant and the Academic Competitiveness Grant are available through the federal government for students enrolled in higher-education programs. While these grants are not specifically awarded for laptop purchases, they can be used for any school expense. Many states administer grant programs as well.

Where Can Laptops Be Purchased?

Since grant funds may be disbursed to your school, the money could go into a student credit account, or you may receive a check directly. Laptops can be purchased at your school bookstore or at retail stores, as well as on the Internet. Top computer manufacturers include Apple, Dell, IBM, Sony, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba.

How to Apply for Grants

You can apply for grants by filling out an application at your college's financial aid office. Information on how to apply for both government grants and those awarded by private organizations can be obtained at the aid office or on the Internet.