How to Use a Virtual Prepaid Visa

How to Use a Virtual Prepaid Visa
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In many European countries people pay for virtual prepaid Visa cards. These cards may only be used for online and phone purchases. You will not receive an actual card. Rather, the virtual prepaid card issuer gives you the details of your card account including the card number, expiration date and security code number. The issuer may also provide you with an image of the card in an e-mail for use, or you will receive a cardboard or plastic card for reference.

Contact the issuer who offers virtual prepaid Visa cards. Decide on the amount you want automatically loaded on the card and accept the issuer's terms of service. Receive the details from the issuer on how to use the card either over the phone, on the issuer's Web page or in an official e-mail.

Shop online with your virtual prepaid Visa card. Select your purchase and go to the payment and billing stage of the Web site's purchase page. Fill out the billing information with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Provide additional information if you want the item shipped to a different address from the billing address.

Choose the type of payment you plan to use for the purchase. Select Visa as the card type and place in the card's number, expiration date and security code number in the boxes provided. Double-check to make sure all information is correct before pressing the "Submit" button to allow your payment to be processed.

Make a phone order by contacting customer service. Provide the Visa card information to make the transaction. Supply your name, address and telephone number to complete the telephone order.


  • Use the virtual prepaid Visa card when you do not have a reliable source of credit. This type of Visa card is also convenient to use when you want to keep online shopping separate from your debit or credit card to maintain a balanced checking or savings account. Contact the telephone number provided to check the balance on your card before you make purchases. Do not go over the amount available or the card will be declined.


  • You cannot use the cardboard or plastic version of the virtual prepaid Visa in an ATM. You also cannot use this card in shops that do not have an online store. Use this card only for online or telephone purchases.