How to Reload a Pre-Paid Visa Card From a Checking Account

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A prepaid Visa card provides shoppers with convenience and safety. Using plastic versus dollar bills and coins gives shoppers greater accountability – a recap of your electronic purchases that can be tracked by phone or online. Prepaid Visa cards come with protection against online theft, and they are safer to carry than cash. No credit check is required for a prepaid Visa card and you can have your payroll earnings deposited towards your balance. Your spending limit is equal to the available balance on your prepaid Visa card and you can reload your card at anytime. Reloading a prepaid Visa card is the process of adding additional money to your card. Your prepaid card may be reloaded at the retail store that issued your card, using money packs, via money transfer services such as Western Union or Money Gram and from your bank account.

Getting Started

Gather your documents. You will need the name of the bank that issued the card, your bank routing number and your checking account number. Also, you will need the ability to access your bank account online. Determine the amount of money that you will remove from your checking account to reload your prepaid Visa card. Most prepaid cards will limit your deposit to a maximum of $1,000 to $2,500 per day. There is typically no charge when adding money to your prepaid Visa card from your checking account, however it is advised to check with your card issuer to review policies beforehand. But, making a transfer from your bank account will save you money on reload fees that are usually charged by retail stores.

Making the Transfer

You can make an electronic funds transfer from your bank to your prepaid Visa card if you have online access. Log in to your online bank account to execute an ACH transfer or electronic funds transfer. This process will electronically transfer the amount of money you request from your checking account to your prepaid card, usually within one to three business days. Check with your bank for details. Signing up for direct deposit is free and your money will be added to your prepaid card faster. You can direct your employer to either deposit your entire paycheck, or a portion of your earnings.

Other Considerations

Verify that you are on a secure web page before providing personal or sensitive information. A secure web page that has a green strip across the URL name, or that displays "https" for the URL page, confirms that the web page will encrypt the transmission of your data, thereby providing you with protection and peace of mind.


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