How to find unclaimed funds in Ohio

To find unclaimed funds in Ohio, use the tools provided on the website of Ohio State Treasurer or the Unclaimed Funds Division of the Ohio Office of Commerce. Both sources are tied into a national database endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. If unclaimed funds are found, an eligible claimant can submit an application online to receive the money.

Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds

The coffers of the Ohio Treasury contain more than $1 billion in unclaimed funds, according to the office of Josh Mandel, the state's treasurer. The state treasurer's website states that 200,000 Ohioans lose track of funds annually. The Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds, an agency of the Ohio Department of Commerce, provides a live link to a national online database users can search to find unclaimed funds. Enter a name into the search box, hit the magnifying glass icon and the website link goes to, where results are displayed.

National Database Search

When an online user is switched to the national database, search results provide the name of the eligible claimant, last known address, the state in which the funds are located, and the agency or business that transferred the funds. Life insurance companies, banks and utility companies commonly transfer unclaimed funds to state treasuries. Specific dollar amounts are not listed. However, the search results do show whether the unclaimed funds are more or less than $100.

File a Claim Form

If a user answers yes to the eligibility questions and clicks on the "yes, I can claim" button, the webpage redirects to an online form where contact information is entered and submitted. The state treasurer will then contact the user through the email address provided. The Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds requires personal identification, including a photo ID and verification of the claimant's Social Security number. In addition, the claimant is asked to submit proof that he has lived at the address reported in the search results. A postmarked envelope, tax records, bank statement or a utility bill can be used to verify the address.

Estate Claims

When searching for unclaimed funds, if the name of a deceased family member or friend is discovered, legal heirs can submit claim forms. In this situation, the state of Ohio requires that the claimant provide a death certificate and obituary identifying the decedent. The Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds advises heirs to contact a Claims Examiner to find out the exact probate documents needed. The agency is located on the 20th floor of the Riffe Center at 77 South High Street in downtown Columbus. The phone number is 877-644-6824.