How to Transfer Money From a Savings Account

If you have a savings account at a financial institution where you have other accounts, you can usually transfer money between those accounts. This includes lines of credit and credit cards. Typically banks offer free transfers between the accounts, with the exception of credit cards. Some banks also charge when you make more than three transfers from a savings account in one month. When you are ready to transfer money from your savings account to another account at the bank, there are usually four ways in which you can do so.

Sign into your online banking account, if you have one. Go to the “Transfers” section of your account and select your savings account for the “From” account and the destination account for the “To.” Enter in the transfer amount. Click on “Continue” or “Transfer” to complete your request for a transfer.

Call your bank's customer service line, which can be found on your bank statement. Ask the representative to transfer money from your savings account to one of your other accounts. Give the amount you want transferred and the account it is going to.

Use your debit card or ATM card, if you have one for your savings account, to transfer your money at the ATM. After entering in your PIN, select that you want to transfer the money. Select the account you want it to go into and the amount before pressing “Enter” to confirm.

Visit your local bank branch and ask to transfer the money. Usually you will need to fill out a withdrawal slip for the savings account and a deposit slip for the other account to complete the process.