How to Start a Career After a Divorce at the Age of 50

How to Start a Career After a Divorce at the Age of 50
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If you have recently found yourself divorced and thrown back into the job market, it can seem overwhelming, especially if you are over fifty and trying to begin a new career. Thankfully you can find resources that can help. Beginning a new career at mid life may still constitute a challenge, but it doesn't need to scare you. Many rewards may be waiting around the corner, both personal and financial.

Visit a job fair in your area. The AARP holds several job fairs throughout the United States for people fifty and older. They provide tools, resources and workshops to aid in finding a new career. You can also meet with employers who have positions they want to fill. This is a great way to learn about career opportunities.

Update and fine tune your resume. If you need help creating a resume that will get noticed, look for resources such as that can help. A bad resume can eliminate you from the perfect job if it doesn't summarize your achievements, skills or education. A resume helps you market yourself to potential employers and it has to stand out. If it doesn't make a good impression, you won't even get your foot in the door.

Update your skills. If you are over fifty and it's been years since you were last employed, you may want to take some community or college courses to brush up on old skills or learn new ones.

Assess yourself so that you can target the right kinds of jobs and employers for you. Now that you are over fifty, you may have different career dreams and motivations than you did in the past. Write down all of your skills, interests and values (both personal and work). Understanding what you can or can't do will help you to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This may save you time from applying for careers for which you are not qualified.

Avoid being stereotyped when it comes to technology. Know how to apply the latest advances to the jobs that require them. Many jobs require basic knowledge of Microsoft applications, such as Excel and Powerpoint. If you are not familiar with the basic programs on a computer, then you should get training. You should also familiarize yourself with things like instant messaging, texting, blogging and social networks.


  • Being positive and presenting yourself as someone with all of the skills needed for the job will help demolish age biases. Most employers are fair and want the best candidate for the job.

    Network with friends and acquaintances by taking advantage of Facebook and Linkedin. These social networks can help you to connect with others who might have career tips.