How to Ask for a Gaming Sponsorship

How to Ask for a Gaming Sponsorship
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A gaming sponsorship is essential for the professional gamers who compete in local and national competitions. There are entrance fees for competitions, the cost of games for practice and the cost of gaming consoles and accessories like remotes. Having the benefit of a gaming sponsorship will cut down or eliminate those expenses so you can spend less time worrying about the financial part of the competition and concentrate more on fine-tuning your gaming skills.

Compete in gaming competitions. Practice and win. This will gain you a good reputation among other competitors and with vendors of gaming products like Sony. Use these events as opportunities to network with vendors that could be possible sponsors in the future as well. If you have a personal relationship with them, then they are more likely to consider sponsoring you.

Put together a gaming resume. Include all your competitive wins and your years of gaming, your name and your contact information. Your resume should be typed in size 12 font and you should choose a font that is easy to read and professional like Arial or Times New Roman. The margins of your document should be 1 inch on all sides.

Contact the corporate offices of gaming vendors like XTR Game Servers or Armor Games. Ask them to connect you with a representative about sponsorships. Talk to the representative, present your history and tell them what you are looking for in a sponsor. Ask them for an e-mail address or physical address so you can send them your resume and a sponsorship letter.

Write a sponsorship letter to send to the company to accompany your resume. The letter should use the same font and size as your resume and 1 inch margins. You should describe your passion for gaming, your personal history with gaming professionally and why they should consider sponsoring you. Do not forget to thank the company for considering sponsoring you.

Send the letter and resume to potential sponsors. Keep applying until you find an interested company who will supply you with sponsorship you need.