How to Remove ChexSystems

If your name has been placed with ChexSystems, it will be difficult to open a checking account at banks or credit unions. If the ChexSystems report has been generated in error, you can dispute the findings directly through ChexSystems. To dispute and remove your name from ChexSystems, you must fill out the appropriate forms and send them directly to ChexSystems for them to complete an investigation.

Obtain a copy of your ChexSystems report online through the Consumer Debit website. The ChexSystems report should be free. The system will ask if you have been denied a checking account within the last 60 days, ask if you are over 18 years of age and then have you fill out your personal information form. Print out the report.

Fill out the "Consumer Request for Reinvestigation Form" to start the investigation process. Fill in all the blanks on the form, including information that is on the ChexSystems report such as Consumer ID number and Bank Tax ID #.

Make copies of all the paperwork prior to sending the request to ChexSystems for your records.

Mail the "Consumer Request for Reinvestigation Form" directly to ChexSystems. Use certified mail so that it can be verified that they obtain your request.

Send another letter to ChexSystems if your request was denied, asking for how the information was verified with the bank in question, including who was spoken to, addresses and a telephone number for the bank representative. Give ChexSystems a few weeks to respond. If this is not successful, it may be necessary to file a complaint in small claims court against ChexSystems.

Copy and save all the information received from ChexSystems when the item has been removed from your records. When planning on opening any new account with a bank or credit union, bring this information with you in case the old report has not been deleted.