How to Print Data on a Blank Check

Whenever you open a checking or savings account, you are given the option of purchasing blank checks for your account. These checks contain your account and routing number, as well as some personal information such as your name, address and phone number. You will need to fill in additional information in order to make a payment to somebody else. You can choose to print the information using a pen, however printing the data with a typewriter is a cleaner option that will create a more professional appearance on the check.

Insert the check horizontally upside-down into the typewriter. Roll the check around the typing bar until the date section is lined up to the typewriter keys.

Type the date on the specified section. You want to write the months abbreviation, the numerical date, and the full four-digit year. Hit the "enter" key until the typing bar is lined up with the "To" section.

Type the full name of the individual or company the check is made out to. Space out the end until you reach the box with the "$" inside.

Type the numerical dollar amount. An example would be $125.65. If you do not have any cent value in the check, type ".00" at the end of the dollar amount. Click "enter" to go down to the next line.

Type the written dollar amount on this line. For the given example $125.65, you would write "one hundred twenty-five and 65/100 dollars." Click enter until you reach the "memo" section.

Type the reason for the check in this area. For example "June Gas Bill" can be written here. The memo section can also include your gas account number or a reference number for payment.

Spin the typewriter bar until the check is out of the machine. Sign your name on the line immediately to the right of the memo section, as identified as "signature."