How to Generate a W-2 Online

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April brings a number of frustrations to the average American, including taxes. Get motivated this year and organize your documents in advance to keep from stressing out come tax season. Any American who works will receive a W-2 form from an employer stating yearly earnings. The Equifax company, Talx offers online solutions for both employers and workers looking to simplify the W-2 form process, as does the Social Security Administration government website.

Decide what W-2s you need generated. Employers can use Talx to save time filling out the forms, while workers can reprint a W-2 form virtually anytime, or request fixes on incorrect information.

View a demo for employers on the Talx website to better understand the logistics involved. The company can set up your business so that all your employees' W-2 forms can be typed and generated online.

Visit the Social Security Government website. This is another option that is free, and no software is necessary. You can complete up to 20 W-2 forms and five W-2c forms by registering at the SSA Business Services Online website.

Go to the Talx's W-2 express website if you are an employee already enrolled in the Talx tax program.

Log on to the website using the code and identity number provided by your employer. This will give you access to all the W-2 features, including the ability to print out an original W-2. Note that it is impossible to generate a W-2 without your employer.