How to Move TaxCut Software Between Computers

One of the benefits of tax preparation software such as TaxCut is the ability to install the program on multiple computers. This allows one household the freedom to prepare joint or personal tax filings without fighting for time on one computer. In additional, installing the software on a laptop or work computer offers remote access that can ease your burden if you must collect information from multiple sources.

Log in to the email account associated with your TaxCut software purchase. Locate the purchase confirmation email containing your activation code. Write down the activation code.

Insert the TaxCut CD into the disc drive of a second computer. Wait for the software startup screen to load, then click the "Need to Re-install?" link at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Can I install the software on a second computer?" link when prompted on the FAQ screen.

Enter your activation code when the validation screen appears. Locate the credit card used to purchase the software and enter the last four digits. Click "Activate." Then, follow the prompts to install TaxCut on an additional computer.


  • Use the "Save" feature to create a PDF of your tax documents. Frequently save and print as you switch computers.


  • Never install TaxCut on a computer that does not allow you to create a password-protected user account.