When Will I Receive My North Carolina State Income Tax Refund?

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How long it takes to receive your North Carolina state refund depends on the way in which you filed your return. If you filed your form electronically, you can generally expect your refund to arrive much faster than if you submitted a paper return.


  • Expect to wait between two to three months to receive your North Carolina state income tax refund.

NC State Tax Refund

If you filed your state return electronically, you could have your tax refund in as little as one week. If you went the hard copy paper filing route, the tax refund will take up to 8 weeks to arrive. The closer you filed your tax return to the April 15 tax deadline, the longer you can expect to wait for your tax refund. According to the state department of revenue, the reason for the delay is for your own protection, because enhanced identity theft protection measures have been put in place.

Where’s My Refund?

Delays may occur because of math errors on your return, missing or incomplete information or because you may have used more than one form type when completing your return. In the latter case, the NC Department of Revenue will return the incorrect form to you so you can complete your return on the right form.

If your refund hasn’t arrived within the usual time frame, or you just want to check its status, visit the North Carolina Department of Revenue “Where’s My Refund?” page. While you can check the NCDOR refund page at any time, keep in mind that information is updated at 6 p.m. daily. If you checked the site earlier in the day and there was no change in status, you might want to check again later in the evening. You can also check your refund status via telephone by calling 1-877-252-4052. The same information is necessary for both online and telephone inquiries. However, if you are making a telephone inquiry, the NCDOR refund representatives request that you don’t call more than once every 24 hours for a status update. For that reason, it’s best to make your calls after 6 p.m. daily until your NC state tax refund status changes. Whether you choose the online or phone option, the information is the same.

North Carolina State Refund Information

When making your first inquiry about your NC state tax refund status, you are required to provide the first Social Security number listed on your return, as well as the exact amount of your refund. You will find that on Form D-400, your North Carolina state tax return, line 34.

NCDOR Refund Questions

If you have questions regarding your refund, you can also access the “Where’s my Refund?” page. There, you can ask questions and receive answers if you received your refund but the amount was different than you expected, or to receive information about your amended return or a prior year refund that was filed late. For the former, you may expect a notice of adjustment explaining why the refund amount differs.


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