How Do I Check the Refund Status on an Arkansas Tax Refund?

When it comes to checking on the status of your state tax refund, Arkansas gives you two options: by phone and online. If you e-filed your return, your refund will be issued within 10 business days after it is received by the state. Paper returns take longer to process, usually four to six weeks after you mail them. Wait at least this amount of time before checking your refund status if you mailed your return.

Refund Status Available Online or By Phone

To check the status of your state refund online, visit the "Where's My Refund?" page on the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration's website. Enter the primary filer's Social Security number or IRS Taxpayer Identification Number as listed on your state tax return and the expected refund amount as noted on your return. When finished, click the "Submit" button. To check your refund status by phone, call either (501) 682-1100 or (800) 882-9275.