How to Get Commercial Motorcycle Insurance

How to Get Commercial Motorcycle Insurance. It's almost as easy to insure your motorcycle for commercial purposes as it is for regular private use. While it might be slightly more complicated to insure a fleet of motorcycles for multiple drivers, the basics of the process are the same. You'll either need to speak to a broker at an insurance company or an independent insurance agent to purchase commercial motorcycle insurance.

Get Commercial Motorcycle Insurance Directly

Know the specifics of the motorcycle you want to insure. In order to quote you an accurate price, an insurance company will need to know some basic information, so you'll need the motorcycle's make, model and mileage before contacting a broker.

Locate companies that officer commercial insurance for motorcycles. You can find your state's association of independent brokers at the website of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (see Resources below).

Keep track of the various quotes you'll receive while doing your research. Get a variety of quotes from each company for each different coverage plan. By keeping a spreadsheet of your results, you'll be able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance company easily.

Pick the most affordable policy that meets your needs and contact a company broker to start the application process. Have your credit card or checking account information handy.

Get Commercial Motorcycle Insurance Through an Agent

Prepare to talk to an insurance agent by having all your information in order. Before he's able to quote you a rate, he'll need to know exactly kind of motorcycle you'll be insuring. Additionally, you should be prepared to give basic information about your business and any employees who will be licensed to operate the vehicle.

Find insurance agents who work with commercial clients. A good start might be to ask other small business owners for their advice. Excellent word of mouth can be more valuable than a slick corporate ad campaign.

Visit with several different agents to review your needs. While price and coverage policies are always the chief consideration when shopping for an insurance policy, you'll also want to make sure you find an agent you trust and can depend on.


  • While larger national insurance providers offer name recognition and clever advertising campaigns, not all of them offer commercial vehicle insurance. You might have better luck searching for companies that specialize in commercial insurance policies.