How to Find Out My Medical Identification Number

by Jim Skelter ; Updated October 25, 2017
Medical identification numbers are released by insurance companies.

Items you will need

  • Photo ID
  • Certificate of discharge
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of residence

Mistakes happen in life, and sometimes you lose things like your medical identification card. Fortunately, obtaining your medical identification number is not difficult to do. You can contact your health insurance provider, give them your personal information -- such as name, address and Social Security number -- and they can look you up and find your ID number. You can also request a new medical identification card with your number on it. Depending on the company's policy, you may have to produce identification in person to obtain your medical ID number.

Step 1

Contact your insurance company to request your number.

Step 2

Verify your security information with the company by providing your address and Social Security number.

Step 3

Go to your insurance provider. If they require you to show up in person to obtain your medical information, take a photo ID, a certificate of discharge from your hospital, your Social Security card and proof of residence.

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