How to Apply for CareLink

For people in and around Bexar County, Texas who do not have health insurance -- and who need financial support in order to pay medical bills and costs -- CareLink may be the answer. Carelink is a financial assistance program for the University Health System in San Antonio, Texas and adjacent communities in Bexar County. Carelink is available to qualified residents, given certain economic prerequisites, and signing up involves only a few quick and simple steps. Using Carelink could very well help with the financial burden of hospital and other medical payments.

Determine whether you and your family qualify for the Carelink program. To qualify your entire household income must not exceed 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. CareLink will set up a monthly budget and payment plan around your total household income. Your family will be given a primary care physician and will have access to the University Health System.

Schedule an appointment for CareLink enrollment. Call them at their location in San Antonio at (210) 358-3350 or send an email request at An appointment with a CareLink representative is necessary for enrolling, or renewal purposes. Most appointment centers are open during standard business hours. Application forms are also available online.

Provide CareLink with at least one form of identification for every member of the household that will be using the service. This includes a driver's license, student ID card, passport or U.S. immigration card. All identification will need to be brought to the enrollment appointment.

Show proof of residency in Bexar County, Texas. Because CareLink is a service provided exclusively by University Health System, all applicants and their families must show that they are indeed residents of the county. Relevant items could include a household bill, lease agreement, a food stamp letter, or a letter from the attorney general. The document must be dated within the last 30 days.

Supply evidence of current income, dated within the last 30 days. CareLink will need the applicant to demonstrate that their current gross income meets, and does not exceed the limit. Appropriate documents include a check stub or bank statement, a complete income tax return, or a wage verification form signed by the employer. Any of these documents must include the applicant's full name.


  • Because CareLink reserves the right to request further documents, it would be smart -- if you have backup forms of ID, proof of residency, and proof of income -- to bring them along to your appointment too.