How Can I Cancel My GEICO Car Insurance?

Geico's online account center lets you add new vehicles, switch between types of insurance, upgrade your policy options and even drop certain parts of coverage as long as your coverage still falls within the laws set forth by the state you reside in. Because of this convenience, you might assume cancelling your policy is as simple as clicking a couple links, but that's not the case.

You cannot cancel your Geico insurance policy online, but there are alternative methods. Before you attempt to cancel your policy, get prepared – you may have to meet certain requirements before you are allowed to cancel your policy.

Geico Plate Surrender

Most states require that you have auto insurance for your vehicle to be registered or plated. If your home state requires you to surrender your license plate when you sell your vehicle, then chances are it also requires you to surrender your plate if you're dropping insurance for any other reason. Even if you're performing major repairs or beginning a time-consuming restoration, you'll likely have to surrender your plate back to the state.

If required by law, Geico will request proof that the plate has been surrendered to the state prior to actually cancelling your insurance. The procedure varies by state, but in most cases you deliver the plate to your local DMV and it provides you with a receipt or confirmation number.

Changing Insurance Carriers

Insurance companies exist in a very competitive market, and almost every company claims it can save you a substantial amount of money on your insurance policy. As a result, changing insurance companies on a regular basis has become commonplace. In some states, Geico must receive proof that you have obtained new insurance prior to cancelling your policy. If you cannot supply that proof, or refuse to supply it, Geico might not let you cancel your policy.

Cancelling by Mail

There are only two ways you can cancel your Geico insurance – by phone or by mail. If you choose to cancel by mail, send the letter at least ​30 days​ prior to the date you would like your insurance cancelled. This gives Geico enough time to request additional information, if needed, and ensures you receive a confirmation that your insurance will be cancelled on the date you request.

Geico has multiple addresses for correspondence, depending on where you live in the United States. To ensure you have the correct mailing address, visit Geico's Mailing Addresses page and select “Auto Insurance” under the category drop-down. Directly below that, select the state your current policy is written in. Geico will supply you with three different addresses – a normal payment address, late payment address and correspondence address.

Send your cancellation letter to the correspondence address. Make sure you include proof that you have surrendered or transferred your plate, a bill of sale, or proof that you have obtained insurance through another carrier. Any generic cancellation letter will do, but make sure to include your policy number in the letter, as well as your full name and address.

Immediate Policy Cancellation

If you want to cancel your insurance right away, call Geico's customer assistance line at ​1-800-841-1587​. When the automated phone service answers your call, say “cancel insurance policy.” When it asks what type of policy you're calling about say “Auto.” When prompted, say yes if you or your spouse is currently on active military duty, then read your account number to the automated service. From here you'll be asked to hold for the next available representative.

If you must supply proof of new insurance, proof of plate forfeiture or proof of sale to cancel Geico auto insurance, they will provide you with a fax number or e-mail address along with a reference number to include on the cover sheet or subject line of your e-mail. If you're switching insurance carriers, make sure you cancel your Geico policy on or after the effective date for your new insurance policy.

Once you have successfully cancelled your Geico policy, request that you be sent a confirmation in writing and obtain a confirmation number. If there is an error in billing and you are billed for services after the effective cancellation date, you will need this to prove you cancelled the policy. As of publication, Geico's customer assistance line is available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Payments, Fees and Refunds

When you purchased or renewed your auto insurance policy with Geico, you essentially signed a contract for a ​six-month or 12-month​ term. If you chose to make a down payment and future monthly payments, you may have to pay a prorated rate up to the effective cancellation date of your policy. If you originally paid the policy in full, Geico is required to refund a portion of your premium from the effective date of the cancellation to the original end of the policy term.

Geico may charge you a small cancellation fee, depending on your state's laws regarding insurance cancellation. The cancellation fee rate and limits vary by state but are usually minimal.