How to Find Free Grocery Coupons and Save Big

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The Sunday newspaper isn't the only place to find grocery coupons. With grocery prices rising, saving as much as possible can really help. You can find coupons in a number of places and really maximize your savings when you go grocery shopping.

Visit the grocery store website. Sign up for the store's mailing list or for its rewards program. Some grocery stores even have e-coupons, allowing you to load coupons onto the store's rewards or loyalty card directly from the website. When you make a purchase, the savings are automatically deducted from your bill at checkout.

Search the manufacturers' websites for coupons for your favorite products. Manufacturers often post special savings on their websites. Manufacturers' coupons can usually be used at most stores. Contact the manufacturer directly; many companies send coupons to customers when they compliment products or complain about a product experience.


Download and print out coupons from different websites such as, and


Find coupons in the store when you shop. Many grocery stores place coupons in dispensers near the actual products.



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