Florida Benefits for Senior Citizens

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Elderly citizens in the state of Florida benefit from a range of programs designed to ease the transition into retirement or a move into an assisted living facility. With the extra aid of these benefits, you can receive monetary help to pay for prescription costs, unforeseen medical bills, housing assistance and food.

Benefits for Senior Citizens

The National Council on Aging provides an all-in-one, online resource called the BenefitsCheckUp in which a list of programs and assistance afforded the aging by the State of Florida can be found. The three basic areas are Medicare and prescription drugs, housing concerns and the comprehensive package including utilities and food assistance and tax expenditures for those more independent individuals. Floridians ages 55 and older also receive mandatory insurance discounts, employment assistance, and pension and retirement programs.

Something More Personal

For those that prefer face-to-face interaction, Florida also offers regional resource centers designed to provide the same knowledge and insight so seniors can find what they need from the many benefits afforded them by the state. As the amounts afforded by the state are exclusive to each person, you must visit one of these centers to discuss your personal information.

Aging But Independent

There are 11 Aging Resource Centers providing information about essential programs like transportation, home care and community. There is also a community and volunteer resource that presents the opportunities essential to keep seniors independent. As an employment service, the center provides a list of elder-friendly positions and companies that are interested in hiring older employees.

Keep This In Mind

The laws that provide for statutory benefits like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the various benefits offered to seniors by the State of Florida are under constant scrutiny and could be changed at any time by legislative action. In addition, the benefits pffered by non-governmental agencies like AARP may be adjusted by those agencies with little prior notice, if any.