How to Find Sam's Club Coupons

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Because you are buying in bulk, making purchases at Sam’s Club saves you money over buying smaller sizes at your grocery store or other retailer. Beyond buying in bulk, you can also save money by finding and using Sam’s Club coupons. Sam’s Club does not accept manufacturers' coupons, but you can find Sam’s Club coupons online and in the store.

Look for Instant Savings

Sam’s Club publishes an Instant Savings coupon book each month. You don’t have to clip these coupons; just buy that item in the store and online and you automatically receive the discount. You can find a discount book at the store and online, and Sam’s Club also mails one to each member every month. Additionally, you can sign up for email and text alerts to receive notice of new instant savings, as well as download the Sam’s Club app for instant access to the coupons.

Other Promotions

You can also visit the Shops and Promotions page on the Sam’s Club website for other coupons. Additional promotions include extra discounts on discontinued or last-chance products and free shipping on certain online purchases. Both Groupon and Living Social occasionally run specials on Sam’s Club memberships, offering discounts on the membership price, as well as store gift cards and coupons for free products. Both sites also show the latest coupons, promo codes and promotions for Sam’s Club.