How to Finance a Nissan

How to Finance a Nissan
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Special rates and financing for Nissan vehicles are provided through the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, or NMAC. Nissan calls its financing for new and used vehicles the "Signature Purchase" program, but does have restrictions different from alternative traditional lenders. The NMAC does not offer financing for used cars over six years old. You can also finance for a term of 12 to 72 months, but other lenders may offer an 84-month option that could benefit the buyer of more expensive models.

Go to to view current Nissan incentives. New car offers are listed on the main website, but you can use the "locate a dealer" option to find out if additional offers exist for new and used cars by visiting the dealer's independent website. Rebates and interest rates usually change monthly, but going to the website ahead of time can let you know if any special financing exists for the vehicle you want.

Read the details thoroughly. Sometimes, low rates are for very short terms, such as 36 months, which is the equivalent of a very high payment. But often, the NMAC offers low-rate financing or rebates, so read the details to determine which Nissan incentive you'd prefer for your financing.

Input your ZIP code into the "Find a Dealer" section to help you find your local dealers, if necessary. Call to make an appointment, or stop in during business hours to find your car and apply for a loan.

Go to a Nissan dealership and ask for a salesperson. Work with one until you find the Nissan vehicle that you like, in the color you want, with the options you prefer. Once you do, discuss money down, interest rates or your desired monthly payment to find the best offers for your needs.

Fill out an NMAC credit application. Your Nissan salesperson will answer any questions you have, or walk you through the credit application to explain any formalities.

Wait for your approval. A Nissan dealership submits credit applications to the NMAC electronically, so your approval should take no longer than an hour. Go over any additional details with your salesperson, such as approved interest rate, term and monthly payments.

Arrange to pick up your Nissan. To complete the financing, you must provide acceptable insurance coverage for the Nissan, which your salesperson will set up with you through your insurance provider while you're at the dealership. Give your dealer representative your cash down, if necessary, and sign your NMAC contracts to complete your financing.


  • Your Nissan dealer works with many banks, not just the NMAC. If you feel your rate is too high, you can ask which banks offer lower rates or apply for auto financing locally outside of the dealership.


  • This Nissan USA website states that your rate and term are negotiable. Nissan dealers can make a profit from your interest rate by marking it up higher than your approved NMAC rate.