How to Lease a Car for a Month

by Kelly Taylor ; Updated July 27, 2017
Save on a montly rental.

People lease cars for reasons such as business or leisure travel. Most cars are leased for longer periods of time, sometimes even as much as five years. However, leasing a car for a month requires less paperwork and money. There are ways to lease a car for month and save money.

Step 1

Decide on your automobile preference. Find out if you need a basic sedan or a sport utility vehicle. Depending on the situation, look into renting an economy car to save on cash. Rent at the end the month to gain access to a free vehicle upgrade. When leasing companies fail to fulfill rental quotas, they will often offer incentives to potential customers. List the options you may want, such as multiple adapter outlets, power mirrors or sun roof.

Step 2

Consult reputable dealers at car dealerships and leasing agencies. Search online for travel sites that offer deals for monthly packages. Use a corporate discount or automobile discount to slash prices. If renting month to month, speak to the location manager about a customer rewards rebate.

Step 3

Calculate the average costs of renting the vehicle, insurance fees and gas mileage. Compare the current rates to cars in different classes. Decide if you will use your own car insurance or find out if your credit card has travel insurance to help lower insurance rates.


  • Inquire about roadside assistance, scheduled maintenance and mileage.


  • Find out if there is a penalty for terminating the lease early.

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