How to File a Pennsylvania State Tax Return

You have several options when you are ready to file your Pennsylvania state tax return. You can complete and file your return on paper, but you can also file electronically via TeleFile or through the state Department of Revenue's website, either directly or by using a third-party service. You can also download forms from the website and find answers to questions you may have about filing your state tax return.

Filing a Return

If you qualify, you may use TeleFile to file your return via touch-tone phone. Fill out the worksheet in your Fast File booklet or, if you do not have a booklet, simply get all your tax information together. Then call 1-888-4PAFILE (472-3453), toll-free, 24 hours a day. Check the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's website to find out whether you are eligible to TeleFile.

Complete your return online and submit it yourself through the Department of Revenue website. To file online, you must have filed a Pennsylvania tax return the previous year. The website becomes available for electronic filing in mid-January. Provide your Social Security number and Pennsylvania driver's license or identification card number to file through the site.

You could also use a third-party provider instead of filing through the website yourself. Be aware that some providers may charge a fee and may require you to have submitted a previous federal return electronically that was accepted by the IRS. Some of these businesses may not support all of the forms you need to file. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's website provides detailed information about these third-party companies.

You can fill in Pennsylvania tax forms online, or download PDF versions from the Department of Revenue's website. You can also leave a message at 1-888-PATAXES (1-888-728-2937) to have forms sent or faxed to you, but not all forms are available by fax. You can also order tax forms online or visit a district office.


  • You will not be able to choose the Direct Deposit option if you file on paper. Filing electronically shortens the time it takes to get your refund.