How Do You Add Minutes to a Sprint Calling Card?

Sprint offers Prepaid PhoneCards that are reloadable. These calling cards can be used to make international and long distance domestic calls from any telephone. Once the minutes run out, customers can purchase and add a predetermined number of minutes to these prepaid calling cards. As of December 2010, the only method available to add minutes to these cards is by phone.

Call your Sprint Prepaid Travel Card Customer Service Center. It can be reached at 800-366-0707.

Press the number one to continue in English. Follow the system prompts to speak with a customer service representative or use the automated service. Request to purchase additional minutes for your existing card.


Provide the automated system or customer service representative with the toll-free number of the calling card you want to add minutes to. This number can be found on the back of the card next to the phrase "To place a call on your card."


Enter the number of minutes you want to add to your card. Pay for it using your debit or credit card. Once your purchase is complete, exit the system.