How Do I Get a Will-Call Delivery From UPS?

In a post-COVID culture, package deliveries and courier services have taken on a whole new significance. Everything, from groceries to furniture to medicines, is being delivered on a scale previously unimagined. Yet the uptick in courier service has also created bottlenecks and delays. The combination of increased volume and labor shortages affects everyone, including the United Parcel Service (UPS).

Customers, however, can offset the delivery difficulties by educating themselves on UPS contacts, protocols and procedures. Will-call deliveries help UPS and its customers coordinate the timing of package conveyance. It is a helpful tool for avoiding missed deliveries.

What Exactly Is "Will-Call?"

Put simply, will-call means that either you have arranged for your package to be sent directly to the nearest customer service center for pick up or, alternatively, that a package sent to your dwelling or business, requiring a signature, has not found its authorized recipient after ​three​ consecutive delivery attempts. In either case, the recipient is notified by telephone and email that the parcel will be held at the local service hub for ​five business days​ without incurring charges. UPS calls the customers alerting them that they must retrieve it at a certain location.

Why Do People Prefer Will-Call?

Many home and business owners are frequently away from said premises. Rather than leave a valuable package waiting on a porch or in a hallway, they would rather know that the bundle is in a secure facility from which they can later reclaim it. In essence, they are trading convenience for assurance that the location is known and the contents are safe.

Again, others have will-call imposed on them because they have missed the scheduled deliveries. UPS wants the package receivers to have every opportunity to take possession.

How Do You Arrange for Will-Call?

If the original delivery attempt was incomplete due to the absence of the recipient, that person can take the InfoNotice number from the paper slip left by the UPS driver. Containing relevant information like the attempted delivery time, the next scheduled delivery date and the necessity of a signature, the UPS InfoNotice number meaning is for the receiver to either be available or arrange for retrieval at a UPS access point.

Accessing the UPS website (, recipients can tap the "Change My Delivery" icon and enter the number from the InfoNotice slip. If you want the will-call option prior to a first delivery attempt, you can use the package tracking number.

At this point, you have the ability to place a hold on the package and select a UPS-designated location at which you can pick the bundle up. Other options include setting a new delivery date or requesting delivery to a neighbor. If you opt for a UPS facility, you will be given a choice among nearby venues. Make sure your contact information is up to date in your account profile so you can be properly notified when the parcel is available.

It goes without saying that you should maintain an online UPS account for these types of services. In most cases, a change in delivery method is effective for the next business day but same-day will-call UPS is also possible in certain locations.

UPS Cancel Delivery Change Request

It is possible to go back to the delivery change screen and switch back to at-home or in-office delivery. However, this might delay receipt of the contents. In addition, there might be fees applied to this transaction. Do this as a last resort.