How do I Get a Will Call Delivery From UPS?

How do I Get a Will Call Delivery From UPS?
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After the status of a package has been changed to will call, UPS will hold the package until you contact them to request delivery or notify them that you want to go to the local UPS office to pick up the package yourself. There is no charge to change the package's delivery option to will call, but a will-call request must be sent to UPS before midnight to change delivery options for the next business day.

Open the UPS tracking information website by following the link listed in Resources.

Enter your 12-digit UPS InfoNotice number (from the delivery notice UPS left after the first attempted delivery) in the field labeled "Tracking or InfoNotice Numbers."


Click the blue "Track" button.

Change the status of your package by selecting "Choose Another Delivery Option" and clicking on the type of delivery that you prefer.


Enter additional identifying information as needed, and click "Finish."



  • Keep the confirmation page that UPS sends after you make changes in case there are any problems with delivery.