How to Deposit Checks by Mail

How to Deposit Checks by Mail
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Even in the digital age, you can deposit a check by mail with most banks. Mailing address information is normally available on the bank's website or on a deposit slip. Send in the check with your deposit slip in a secured envelope, and follow up to ensure the check is credited to your account in a timely manner.

Check Deposit Basics

Mailing the Deposit

You can mail the check first class, but it is a good idea to use a business envelope that prevents others from seeing what's inside for better security. Some banks provide customers with prepaid, self-addressed business reply envelopes for mailed deposits. If you have one, you avoid paying the postage to make the deposit. You can expedite delivery with overnight mail and improve security on higher-value deposits with certified mail. Banks typically deposit the checks the day of receipt if they arrive prior to the standard deposit cut-off time. If you don't see the deposit in your account within the anticipated mailing time, call the bank to make sure it arrived.