Credit Card Strategies to Build Wealth

Credit Card Strategies to Build Wealth

In today's economy, credit cards can actually help you build wealth in numerous ways. Credit card companies offer incentives to cardholders, and by using and paying your card, you can build your credit rating, allowing you more borrowing power. Following are some simple steps on how you can use your credit cards to build personal wealth.

Cash-Back or Reward Cards

The first step in making your credit cards work for you is making sure you have the right ones. Cash-back or reward cards are a great way to earn cash or rewards for items you are buying anyway. Cash-back credit cards normally offer a straight percentage of cash back on your purchases, but some pay out based on points.

Reward cards offer everything from frequent-flier miles to toasters, so you can save up for a trip without trying or use the points to get your holiday shopping done.

Building Your Credit

Everytime you make a purchase and pay the balance, you are building a credit history. This is a great way to boost your credit score and gain valuable borrowing power. Be sure to protect this asset by paying on time and over the minimum balance. These are the two most important things that will affect your credit.

Pay Off Debt

Credit card companies often offer balance transfer offers where you can transfer a high balance from one card to another card at 0% for a year. This can save you hundreds to thousands in interest fees, leading to a gain in your personal income.

In some cases, credit card companies may also offer a fixed-rate loan that you can use to consolidate your debt. Make sure the rate stays fixed to offer you actual savings you can use to pay off variable-rate cards or other personal loans that may be at a higher rate.

Business Credit Cards

If you are thinking of starting a small business, a credit card geared for business can help you build wealth quickly. If your business is a definite moneymaker, a business credit card can get you quick equity to build your business. But be careful, as many have more strict rules than personal credit cards and carry annual fees.

Double Dip

Finally, don't forget to double dip. Double dipping is the process where you can use online rebate programs, sales, miles rewards programs, and coupons to get extra savings when you use your reward programs.