How To Get a Copy of a Cell Phone Bill

When you purchase a cell phone and pick a service plan, you'll be given the option to choose between paper and paperless billing. Some companies charge a nominal fee for paper bills, while others offer a discount if you opt for paperless billing with autopay. No matter which you choose, there may come a time where you misplace or accidentally delete your bill. You'll need to request a copy of the bill in order to ensure the amount due is satisfied before any late fees are assessed.

Call Your Service Provider

One way to request a copy of your cell phone bill is to call the service provider directly. The benefit to this option is that you can also pay your bill over the phone at the same time. You can get the number to your service provider's customer service team from an old bill or from their website. For example, if you visit US Cellular online, you'll see that the phone number is ​1-888-944-9400​.

Once you reach the representative, you can request the total amount due, pay your bill and ask that a copy of the bill be sent to you for your records. It's important to note that some companies charge a fee for phone payments, but this is still better than the consequences of a late payment if your bill is due before you can pay it using another method.

View Your Bill Online

If you don't need a paper copy of your bill, but simply wish to review it, you can log in to your company's online platform and check your cell phone bill from there. You'll find there are two ways to do this.

From a computer or laptop, head to your service provider's website. Enter your login details and, once inside your account, check for a tab that says something like "My Account." Look for an "Overview" tab next and then "View Bill Details." This will allow you to open your most recent bill.

If you need to see a previous bill, look for a tab that says "View Previous Statements." Some companies use the tab "History" instead. From there you can select the month you need to review.

From a mobile device, you'll need to download the service provider's app from either the Apple Store or Google Play. Open the app and sign in. You'll need to enter your account information the first time, but if your phone has thumbprint or facial recognition, you may be able to use that to sign in afterward.

Tap the "Account" icon and then "Billing Details" to view your most recent statement. According to Xfinity, you'll need to visit the Xfinity Assistant screen in order to view cell phone bills from the past.

Download and Print Your Statement

Unless you have a wireless printer, you'll need to use your home computer to download and print a cell phone bill. Log in to your online account and locate the bill you'd like to have a physical copy of following the directions above. Look for either a bill PDF icon or the words "Print as PDF" next to the statement. You can click that icon and then print the cell phone bill directly or download it to your computer to be printed out later.

According to Verizon, you'll only be able to access bills online from the previous ​18 months​. You must call the company to obtain a copy of a bill from the ​previous 19 months to seven years​. Each service provider varies in how long they store documents, so you'll need to call and ask about your provider's policy.