How to Convert GBP to USD

How to Convert GBP to USD
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When converting GBP to USD, you can make the exchange manually or with the use of a currency calculator converter. Online conversion tools for currencies are plentiful, and you can locate them easily through an online search. The best currency conversion calculators are often found on currency trading or financial advisor websites or blogs.

When using an online conversion calculator, you can quickly and accurately determine the up-to-date currency exchange rate for converting pounds to dollars. Simply click "GBP" in the scroll-down menu above the first, or "from," box and click USD in the menu above the second, or "to," box. When you click the "Convert" tab, the corresponding exchange rate for the USD will appear.

Accurately Converting GBP to USD Manually

To convert ​5​ ​GBP to USD​, check the current exchange rate for the British pound on an online currency calculator. You can also obtain this exchange rate on a Forex trading site or financial advice and information domain.

One​ British pound is currently equal to ​1.3603​ U.S. dollars. By multiplying ​1.3603​ by ​5​, you will have the exchange rate for ​5​ GBP in USD, which equals USD ​6.8015​.

Convert U.S. Dollars to British Pounds Manually

If you need to convert USD to GBP, simply perform this calculation in reverse. For example, by dividing USD ​6.8015​ by ​5​, you will have GBP ​1.3603​.

British pounds are also listed as British pounds sterling or pounds sterling on different currency converters. Yet the pound currency abbreviation of GBP stays the same regardless of the full name used.

Convert U.S. Dollars to British Pounds on PayPal

You can convert USD to GBP on PayPal by completing a few simple steps. After you log in to your account, click on "Profile" near the top of the page. Under "Financial Information," click "Currency Balances."

Enter the amount of USD that you want to convert. Using the drop-down menu, select "GBP." Click "Calculate" to display the preview that shows the result of the currency conversion. Next, click "Review Exchange," and then click "Exchange Currency" to complete the conversion. For converting pounds to dollars, perform these steps in reverse.

Convert USD to GBP in Excel

Using the current exchange rate for converting the U.S. dollar to the British pound, which is: ​1​ USD = ​0.73511​ GBP, do the following: In Excel, enter the formula =A2*0.73511 in Cell B2 and press Enter. Click Cell B2 and drag the fill handle to copy this formula to the B3:B10. All amounts in Column B will then appear in GBP, or pound currency.

You can also use Kutools for Excel to convert USD to GBP. First, click "Kutools," then "Content Converter" and then "Currency Conversion." Next, select either single value or volume value as the range of currency that you want to convert.

In the "Currency Conversion" dialog box, choose the appropriate settings: U.S. dollar as the source currency from the left box, and pounds sterling as the conversion currency. Then click "Update rate" to view the current exchange rates.

Next, click the "Fill options" button, and in the "Fill options" prompt box, select the desired output type. Close the box and return to the "Currency Conversion" dialog. After clicking the "OK" or "Apply" button, you will see the following results:

  1. If you selected "Only cells" for an output type, the new currency values will replace the original values.
  2. If you chose "Only comment" for the output, the converted values will be included with detailed information as comments in the original cells.
  3. If you selected "Cells and comment" for the output, the converted values will be inserted in the original cells and detailed data will be inserted as comments.

Convert USD to GBP on Binance

To change U.S. dollars to British pounds on Binance, log in to your account and click "USD" near the upper right corner of the web page. A pop-up box displaying multiple currencies will appear. Select "GBP," and then look at the top right corner of the site again. The USD rate will now be changed to GBP, or pound currency. For converting pounds to dollars, follow the same procedure in reverse.