How to Open a PayPal Account in Another Country

How to Open a PayPal Account in Another Country
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PayPal is an online method for sending and receiving payments as well as buying and selling. PayPal is another international, financial corporation spanning 190 countries and transacting business for customers in 24 currencies.

PayPal Members' Requirements

Sign up for Internet access and email address. PayPal's transactionns are strictly online. Internet and email are the basic requirements to become a PayPal participant. PayPal currently has more than 220 million subscribers and a growing merchant network and customer base. Authenticating email addresses is the initial step to integration in the PayPal system.

Subscribe to a banking provider. Verified bank accounts is another principal criteria to opening a foreign account. PayPal has a system in place to validate your email and bank account and to associate and connect the two. PayPal has imposed dollar limits corresponding with identity information. Forwarding additional information such as physical address, social security numbers and birthdates awards you with decreased account restrictions.

Access ATM machines and possess ATM banking cards. ATM machines give PayPal clients in many parts of the globe the opportunity to withdraw money.


  • PayPal members have the option of signing up for PayPal debit cards so that they have a more ready reach to their funds, rather than waiting for the withdrawal and bank transfer process. Credit cards, bank debit cards or PayPal debit cards are necessities especially with regard to converting your e-funds to cold, hard cash. Certain bank charges apply to facilitate this international access to your money.