How to Contact the Owner of a Property Found on Tax Records

Real estate tax records are public documents which show ownership of a property. These records can be accessed through the county clerk’s office or appraisal district from the specific county in which the property is located. It is the responsibility of the county assessor to locate taxable property and identify ownership, according to the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor. When the owner has been identified on property tax records, through courthouse office documents or online, there are several options for initiating contact.

Contact the property owner through the mail. The name of the property owner will be listed on the tax records along with the current mailing address which can be found through your local county clerk's office. Mail a letter to the title holder for professional correspondence. If the contact is casual, post cards are a convenient and less expensive way to communicate.

Visit the property. If you are located within driving distance from where the property is located, it is possible to travel to the address and contact the owner of the property.

Contact a neighbor. If the owner does not reside at the current location, and you are unable to locate a current mailing address, you may need to get in touch with someone who lives close by and may have contact information, such as an email address or phone number for the owner.

Contact the owner through the appraisal district. If you are unable to make contact on your own, you may need to seek the assistance of the county clerk’s office or appraisal district in your county. In some cases the information on documents in these offices can differ from what is found online or in other public documents, and a more current address or more recent phone number can be found by calling and speaking with a clerk.

Contact the property owner by phone. Use a reverse address service to look up the owner’s phone number, with the property address as a resource. Services such as are free and easy to use. Reverse white page websites offer public phone number information that is listed in phone books.


  • Make sure the information listed on the property tax records is current.


  • Avoid scams and information that requires a fee.