How to Find Out Whose Name Is on the Deed to a House

by Anna Assad
A deed is a legal document that establishes the owner of the home.

Property ownership is a matter of public record, so you can get the ownership information for a home if you have the address. The most current source of ownership records is usually the property assessor or appraiser responsible for the home's location. The assessor's office values property, so new deed information is sent to the office soon after the home changes hands.

Find the property tax assessor office's for the house's location, such as a county, town, city or village. Check the municipality's website as some have assessment information online; search by property address to get the owner's name. Alternatively, contact the assessor's office by phone and provide the property address to the clerk, who can then find ownership information.

Contact the property tax office for the home's location if you can't locate or reach the assessor. The property tax office has ownership records as well, but the information might not be as current. As with the tax assessor's office, this can often be done via an online search or by calling the office.

Visit the county land records department, which may be the county clerk or recorder's office, if you can't get the information from the tax collector or assessor. Ask the clerk for assistance with checking land records for current property deeds. Systems vary by county, so follow the clerk's instructions to search for the home's most recent deed.

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