How to File a Complaint Against Credit Card Companies


Even though credit card reform is supposed to be in process, it could be years before consumers find relief from excessive interest rates and fees. Credit card companies are raising interest rates, charging outrageous fees, skimming billing cycles, and shrinking grace periods. Other charges credit companies use to raise their profits are cash-advance fees, over-the-limit fees, disappearing lower-rate fees for balance transfers, and fees for making phone payments.

Whether your complaints about credit card companies stem from their obvious flagrant abuses or are from other gratuitous, egregious, and costly disagreements, it's important to communicate your discontent and to try and rectify the situation. If attempts to reconcile your disagreement with a creditor or creditors have failed, follow the steps below to file a complaint against a credit card company.

File a complaint against credit card companies with your state's Attorney General's office. Find the Attorney General for your state at The National Association of Attorneys General's website has contact and website information for each state. The Attorney General of your state will not fight a specific individual's complaint; however, if enough people complain about the same credit card company or credit card companies, the Attorney General will start an investigation.

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission is the United State's consumer protection agency. The organization tracks complaints from consumers about credit card companies. If enough complaints are filed, the Federal Trade Commission will start an investigation.

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against credit card companies. Make sure to have documented all contact with the credit card company. Most credit card companies do not want to tarnish their rating with the BBB.

Contact the White House and complain against credit card companies at

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