How to Check Direct Deposits for Unemployment in New Jersey

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In the state of New Jersey, unemployment recipients have the option of receiving their funds deposited onto a prepaid debit card or having their funds directly deposited into their personal bank accounts. After initially signing up for direct deposit, it may take up to three weeks before the funds begin being deposited into your account. If it's been longer than three weeks, there may be a problem with your account and you may want to contact the unemployment agency.

Check With Your Personal Bank

Contact Bank of America if you are having your funds deposited onto a prepaid debit card. Customer service can be reached at 866-213-4074. You can also check the balance on your card by going to a local branch office or through an ATM machine.

Check with your personal bank if you are having your funds deposited directly into your own bank account. You should be able to do this by logging into your account online, calling your bank's customer service number, getting a balance inquiry from an ATM machine, or by going into a branch office.

Contact the Reemployment Call Center

Call the New Jersey Reemployment Call Center. If you live in Northeast New Jersey, they can be reached at 201-601-4100. If you live in Northwest or Central New Jersey, they can be reached at 732-761-2020. If you live in South Jersey, they can be reached at 856-507-2340. If you're calling from out-of-state, they can be reached at 888-795-6673.

The New Jersey Reemployment Call Center representatives will be able to stop direct deposits on your account and to verify whether the funds have been returned to them due to invalid account information. If there's a problem with the account information provided, you'll need to submit another enrollment claim for direct deposit because they're unable to handle this request over the phone.

Since calling may result in delays, you can fill out the New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Contact Us Form.

Normally, you could also try visiting a One-Stop Career Center, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, those centers remain closed due to health and safety regulations. However, starting August 10, 2020, New Jersey's Department of Labor will be offering a full suite of online and telephonic job-seeker services.

Submit a New Enrollment Claim

Submit a new enrollment claim for direct deposit if there is a discrepancy in the account information on file. To file a new claim, you'll need to login on the official website and reenter your information. Near the top of the page is a blue ribbon that says "File a Claim." To the right, you can log in as a new user or an existing user, as well as check the status of your claim and certify for weekly benefits.