Can I Use My Toll Slips as a Tax Write-off?

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State and local governments charge motorists toll fees for the use of some roads. Tolls are not tax deductible for most driving purposes. However, if you use your personal vehicle in the performance of your job, tolls are business expenses, and the toll slips serve as documentation for a valid tax write-off.

Tolls and Business Travel

Driving expenses are allowed as a tax write-off only when the travel is solely for business purposes. The Internal Revenue Service does not consider commuting to and from work business travel. To use tolls as a tax deduction, you have to meet IRS tests. You cannot deduct any tolls if your employer reimburses you. You cannot claim the tolls on your tax return if you choose to deduct the standard mileage rate set by the IRS instead of reporting actual vehicle expenses. If you itemize auto expenses, keep the toll slips with your other tax records -- they are the receipts that document the expense.