How Can I Review My Previous Tax Return With TaxAct Online?

How Can I Review My Previous Tax Return With TaxAct Online?
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If you created a TaxACT online account to start or prepare a tax return in a previous year, you can access your data through the software’s Data Archive Service. The service retains information you entered into the software for a number of years, which makes retrieving old tax return information less worrisome.

Navigate to the TaxACT website at Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Previous Year’s TaxACT Products” link.

Choose the year you want to access. You can use these instructions to access a return you started or completed through TaxACT online for any of the previous three filing years. For example, in 2015 you will file your 2014 tax return. The previous three filing years you can access are 2013, 2012 and 2011. If you’re looking for a copy of a return you filed during the current year, simply log in to your TaxACT account before October 15 and print or save a copy.

Log in to your TaxACT account to access your prior-year return. TaxACT will collect a one-time Data Archive Service fee. As of 2015, the fee is $13.95. After you pay the fee, you will have access to your previous return until the three-year filing period expires. To allow for regular federal extensions, the three-year filing period expires on October 15 on the third year following the year the return was originally due. For example, a 2011 tax return is due April 15 2012, or October 15, 2012 with an extension. You will be able to access a 2011 prior-year return in TaxACT until October 15, 2015.


  • You can only access your prior-year TaxACT returns online if you prepared or started preparing the return through TaxACT online. TaxACT does not store prior-year returns that were prepared using TaxACT desktop software. If you did not use TaxACT online, you can request a free transcript of a previously filed return from the IRS website, or by calling the IRS at 800-829-1040. A transcript of your return is not an actual image of the return, but does provide the same line-by-line information as your return.