Can You Buy a Gas Gift Card Online?

Gas gift cards are can be purchased online and can be used for more than gasoline.


Like all gift cards, gas cards are purchased for a specified dollar amount. As you use the card, each purchase is subtracted from the existing balance until it’s depleted. Gas gift cards offer the convenience of swiping right at the pump to save time. However, like other gift cards, if they’re lost or stolen, you’ll lose whatever value was on the card.

Gas Station Cards

Gas companies like Shell, BP and Texaco all offer gas cards for sale online. They can be used for gas purchases or any purchases in their respective convenience stores. While the Shell cards are limited to that company, BP cards can be used at any BP or ARCO station, and Texaco cards are accepted at Chevron stations as well as Texaco stations. Shell cards can be purchased at: BP cards can be purchased at: Texaco cards can be purchased at:

Fees and Expirations

None of the three cards mentioned above charge inactivity fees and those cards never expire. All three offer denominations ranging from $5.00 to $100.00 and accept all major credits cards for the purchase. Cards are then shipped to your mailing address (some require that the mailing address match the credit card billing address for security reasons). Cards can be reloaded with additional monies via credit card once depleted.

Gas Credit Cards

Another alternative is the gas rebate credit card. Unlike the gas gift card, it’s a true credit card; however, you earn rebates each time you use it for a gasoline purchase. You can redeem your rebate once you reach the established threshold, usually $20.00 to $50.00. The rebate can be issued to you in the form of a check, credited to your account or offered as bonus points for another reward program.

Best-Ranked Cards

For the best-ranked gas credit cards, visit: Currently, the highest ranked cards are the Discover Open Road Card and Blue Cash from American Express. Both offer 5 percent rebates on gas purchases. The Discover card offers the same rebate rate on automotive-related services like oil changes and car washes as well. However, its rebate on other products is often not the full one percent offered by competitors.

Fleet Cards

Another classification of gas cards is the fleet card. Used by companies to fuel their delivery and sales vehicles, these offer convenience and security. Fleet cards can be set up to work only at “pay-at-the-pump” locations to preclude employees from using them inside the gas stations convenience store. Or they can be programmed to require a PIN entry as well. Most fleet cards are universally accepted at any gas station.