Can We Still Use the Forever Stamp Even If it Is a 44 Cent Stamp?

The United States Postal Service introduced the Forever Stamp in 2007. As the name suggests, the Forever Stamp can always be used to mail a first-class letter that weighs 1 oz. or less even if postal rates change.


The Forever Stamp features the Liberty Bell and the words “USA First-Class Forever.” The stamp has no specific postage amount printed on it. The Forever Stamp is worth the postage for one first-class letter.


In May 2009, postage for a standard first-class letter increased to 44 cents. At that time, Forever Stamps already in circulation continued to be accepted as sufficient postage for first-class mail.



Forever Stamps purchased after May 10, 2009 cost 44 cents and will be accepted as first-class postage even with future price increases. Some customers stock up on Forever Stamps prior to postage rate increases.



Additional postage is required for mail weighing over 1 oz. and for oversized mail.