How to Add Money to a Bank Account

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There are multiple options for how you can add money to your bank account. Each option comes with its own benefits, allowing you to decide which one is best to send money to your checking or savings account.

Stop by a branch of your bank. Present your bank card to a teller inside the bank or at the drive-through and give the money in cash, check or both to the teller for deposit. The teller places the money into your account. If the money is in check form it doesn't appear in your account until the check has cleared.

Use your bank's ATM. Most banks allow you to deposit cash and checks into your account directly at their ATMs. Insert your ATM card into the machine, choose "Deposit," and then following the prompts on the ATM's screen slide your check or cash into the deposit slot. If the machine is unable to read how much the check is for, type the amount in and hit "Enter." Your ATM receipt will show the amount of the funds you deposited to your account and your new account balance.

Direct deposit your paycheck. Setting up direct deposit with your employer allows your company to directly deposit your pay into your bank account instead of giving you a paper check. Give the payroll department your bank account number and bank's routing number to setup direct deposit. These numbers can be found at the bottom of your check..

Electronically wire money from a different account into your own. Through online access of another account you can select the "Transfer Money" option, and then input the name of your bank and the banking/router number, along with the amount of money you are transferring. The funds are sent electronically from the other bank account into yours.


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