How to Write a Tax Deductible Receipt

How to Write a Tax Deductible Receipt
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Donations to your non-profit organization are tax deductible. This means that a donor will be able to subtract the value of his donations from his taxable income before determining his taxes due. However, in order for his donations to be deducted, he must have a record of the donation. This is why organizations give receipts for donations. Writing a receipt is a simple process, though there is some information that must be included.

Create a header for the receipt. This must include the full name of your organization and should include your logo if you have one.

Add the contact information for your organization beneath the header.

Insert the name and address of the person who has donated to your organization.

Include the date on which the donations were received.

Create a table with two columns, one for a description of the donation and one for the estimated value of the donation.

Itemize each donation on one line of the table. Total the value of all donations at the bottom of the table.


  • Create a template on your computer and print copies to fill in later.

    Include a short note at the bottom thanking the person for donating to your organization.