How to Write a Scholarship Thank-You Card

Unlike some forms of financial aid, scholarships do not need to be repaid. Students can receive scholarships through their high school, college or university, national organizations or local community organizations. Regardless of the source or the amount of the scholarship money, you should write a thank-you card to the individual or organization providing the funds for the scholarship. Not only does the card express your gratitude, but it also increases the chances that the donor will continue to support students in the future.

Select a tasteful and simple thank-you card, a piece of personal stationery or a piece of plain stationery. Make sure you have a matching envelope.

Select a blue or black pen that will not smear if you are writing the card by hand. The other option is to type the letter on the computer and print it onto your stationery. If you are doing this, format the word processing document to match the size of your stationery.

Address your card to the individual who provided the scholarship money. If the scholarship is from an organization, address the letter to the organization as a whole or the scholarship committee.

Write an opening paragraph that identifies the scholarship by its exact name and expresses your gratitude for being selected to receive the scholarship.

Write at least one paragraph that tells the donor about yourself, in particular your educational accomplishments and educational goals. For example, you could mention that you were a National Merit Scholar and are a first-year student at your college, where you are planning to major in a specific subject of interest. If you have career plans or aspirations, you could list these as well.

Write a closing paragraph that reiterates your gratitude. You could also mention some activities that you are able to participate in because you received the scholarship and do not need to work as much. For example, you could write, “Thank you again for your contribution to my education. This scholarship allows me to play on the soccer team and volunteer on the weekends tutoring children at the local community center.”

Proofread the letter, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. If you find errors, fix them in the word processing document or start over on a fresh piece of paper or card if writing by hand.

Finish the letter by writing “Sincerely,” and then signing your name on the next line. If you are typing the letter, print it out and sign your name with pen.


  • Print neatly if you are writing the letter by hand. A sloppy or hastily written letter will reflect poorly on you.

    Your college financial aid office can provide you with the names and addresses of the scholarship donors for awards you received through the college.